Jerry Yanez was born in Mcallen, Texas on the 28th of May in 1981 to Danny and Christella Yanez. His father was a musician and his mother was a banker, later when his father and mother divorced Jerry lived with his mother, but then in January of 1994 his mother was killed by a drunk driver. Jerry then lived with his father who at the time was the pastor of a church. Music had been in the Yanez family for over 3 generations and with his father as an accomplished vocalist and accordionist who played with Esteban Jordan and soon formed his own band that toured the nation so it was bound for Jerry to find a passion for music and he did. When Jerry was 12 years old he began playing percussion and soon after picked up drumming. Jerry was introduced to jazz when his older brother Danny Jr. brought him a cassette recording of Dave Weckle. Jerry heard that recording over and over to listen to every detail of Weckles drumming which encouraged Jerry to want to become a better drummer. He was encouraged to join band to further his skills as a drummer and to have a much more disciplined sense of music. When the music teachers at his school heard him they were amazed with his talent and asked him to join the school jazz ensemble. There was one problem though, Jerry didn't know how to read music and was an 8th grader. So with the help of the percussion instructer Jerry picked up the basics and learned most of his parts by ear for the first few months. Jerry passion for music grew, but he was never the great academic student in school and dropped out of school to pursue music. At the same time his father was building a studio for there projects and to produce music for clients. When they opened Danny Jr. was the audio engineer and as well the arranger and composer. Jerry wasn't yet fascinated with the audio engineering part of music and was the studio drummer. There Jerry recorded on over 600 songs and began to come to respect the craft of audio engineering. A few years afther the studio openned Jerry's older brother Danny decided to move on to a different career, so Jerry began to move knobs on the console and gave it s shot. So while Jerry attended that University of Texas Pan American he did as many sessions possible to help him through school. He was as well offered a job a Master Productions which is one of the biggest studios in the RGV area and worked under Chief Engineer Joe Leal Jr. Jerry is now the Chief Engineer at Nuevo Barrio Studios in Mercedes, Texas where he has recorded and mixed rock, jazz, folk, latin and many other types of sessions.  He is as well still drumming and offers classes in drumming.